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Computer Vocabulary

In this section you will find a glossary of computer terms and their definitions.

IIS - Internet Information Systems - is a webserver for Windows Computers.

HTML - HyperText Markup Language -

VB - Visual Basic a RAD computer language

O/S - Operating System - software that runs all your applications on your computer.

Linux - Open source GPL operating system

Search Engine - such as Google, Yahoo, is an index of known internet, used to find information

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - to optimize your website for search engines.

RAM - Random Access Memory - is the amount of storage the computer can access at one time.

BIOS - Basic Input Output System - used to control all the hardware in the computer.

ROM - Read Only Memory - used for BIOS chips

Bit - either zero or one.

Byte - is seven bits

KB - Kilobyte - 1000 bytes

MB - Megabyte - 1000 Kilobytes

GB - Gigabyte - 1000 Megabytes

TB - Terabyte - is 1000 gigabytes

DNS - Domain Name Server - translates a hostname to an ip address

STMP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - used to send email.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol  - used to send files over the internet bit by bit.

CGI - Common Gateway Interface - used for server side processing on servers.

PNG - Portable Network Graphics - an excellent image format for storing images, supports transparent graphics.

GIF - Graphics Interchange format - images are small but only support a limited amount of colors. Supports animated files.

BMP - bitmap - stores an entire picture with no image loss

JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group -  lesser quality that PNG maybe a little smaller.