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UNIX is an old operating system developed in the early 1970's by AT&T.  It is still in use today, and Linux borrows a lot of the ideas and concepts from Unix.

My experience with Unix was back in college, using Solaris operating system.  I mostly used SSH (Secure Shell Client)  to remotely work on the computer, since I did not want to walk over to the lab to do my homework.  

Basic UNIX Commands:

cat  - shows the contents of a file.

chmod - changes the permission of a file or folder.

ls - shows a list of files in a directory.

more - displays text one screen at a time

less  - shows all the text.

head  - shows the first couple lines in a file

tail  - shows the last couple lines in  a file

date - displays the current date

who - users logged into the system

echo - display some text to screen

clear - clears the screen

pwd - shows the current directory path

rm - remove a file.

mkdir - remove a folder

mv - move a file/rename a file

cp - copy a file

Text Editors

There are a couple of UNIX text editors they are




I suggest you try them all out and just pick the one you like the best.