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Other Software
-Olly Debugger
-TextPad is the newest edition of Visual Basic and brings VB to the object oriented age. Now all the language are equal so everything can do C# can do, and everything C# can do can do.  Which means you can use either the basic style syntax, or the C style syntax for your coding.

Never the less some people wanted to be called VB# and to continue on with the Visual Basic Series. You can read more about this at

Accessing the Compiler

Every computer that has .Net installed automatically has a compiler installed, it is command line only, but gives you access to at any time. You can also access C#, IL Asm and J# compilers for the .Net folder

The version number can change for the different version of .Net  located in:


Microsoft also has free Express Editions of all its' .Net software so search for it and you get the free edition.

Now if you really want to explore the true power of .Net I suggest you purchase a copy of Visual