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XVI32 (For Windows, Freeware)

XVI32 is a hex editor, it is my hex editor of choice when I need to edit files and view files.

Screenshot of XVI32, the screen is dived into the hex mode, and text mode. There is a handy Data Inspector which gives you quick access to the values.

My favorite part of this program is the easy to use interface, and the Data inspector, allows you to see the values for certain data types, very useful in you are trying to decode file formats.

When I install this program on my computer I create a Send To link, to allow quick access to examine a file.

On Windows XP this can be done by creating a shortcut to XVI32 in the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername\SendTo\

Just found out the program even includes an option to auto create a send to link, so you do not have to bother with what I said above.

This is the easy to create a send to link by going to to the Tools Menu then to Options.  Inside the options dialog click on the Shortcut link tab, then click on the Create button.

XVI32 Homepage: