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Advertising Tips

You already have your site built, have lots of content, now you just need the visitors.

My List of Tips:

  1. Tell your friends and family about your website.
  2. If you visit any forums advertise in you forum signatures.
  3. Find related sites and email the webmasters and ask to exchange links.
  4. Submit your website to search engines. You can either buy submission software or use a free service like but that only does about 20 search engines.
  5. Make sure search engines can understand your website. Read our search engines optimization guide.
  6. Build Google Sitemaps for you website.
  7. Start a Google AdWords campaign it is pretty cheap you can start at 5 cents a click, just be sure to choose the right keywords for your website.
  8. Try to advertise your website where ever you can, look for advertising forums.
  9. Look at some of the sites that are like yours and see if you can advertise your banner on them.