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Domain Information section.

Buying a domain name.

Most people prefer to have either .com, .net, or .org  but there are other domain tld's that you can register but they may not be worth as much if you plan on selling it later on. Try to keep your domain name as short as possible and avoid dashes.

There are many domain registers such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions.

Network solutions over charges for the domains that they register you are better off with choosing GoDaddy.

Here is a promo code that you can use on your order from GoDaddy: david

This promo code will save you $1 off your purchase and you are allowed to use it as many times as you want.

Other GoDaddy Promo Codes:

saveten  - Save 10% of your purchase.

buy1 - Save $2 off every .com you buy.


If there is a domain name that is not available at the moment you can backorder it and when it expires you may have a chance to get it.

Backordering companies are:

Snapnames,, and GoDaddy.

Snapnames and Pool both charge $60 as the base cost of buying the domain name, but if more than one person backorders it then there is a bidding war.

With multiple people can bid on a domain, which means if you get the the domain name, and other people also backordered there will then be an auction and the person with the highest bid gets the domain name.

GoDaddy only allows one person to backorder any domain name, and they are not the fastest at grabbing dropped domain names.

More Information

For more information on the latest domain name news, I suggest you check out