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Forum Software

In need of a forum to your website and do not have the time or desire to code you own custom forums?

First you need to find out what does your host support? Does it support php and mysql? or does it support asp and mssql.

It is always better to run a forum using a database than a flat file, it is faster and can easily be expanded.

PHPBB  -Freeware, GPL, php based and supports mysql. Has the most mods for any forum software.  Has a huge community.

Make sure you add your email to PHPBB mailing list to keep up to date on the latest phpbb updates.

Looking for a free PHPBB host then visit

Simple Machines Forum -Freeware, php and supports my mysql.  A newer piece of forum software, it meant to be secure and is very easy to use. Highly customizable

Looking for a free SMF host then vist

Invision Power Board - Commercial, php based and supports mysql.  If you are looking for the next step up from phpbb and higher quality then invision is the choice for you.

vBulletin - Commercial, php based supports mysql.  The ultimate forum solution, used on many of the web's biggest boards.  I suggest getting a lifetime license if you decide to purchase it.

For more information on different Forum Software visit

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