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Internet Information Services - (IIS)

Internet Information Services is a powerful webserver that comes with Windows 2003  IIS 6 and even Windows XP Pro edition IIS 5

IIS comes with easy to use interface and you can have your website up and running in no time at all.

You can custom a couple of systems with IIS

  • Website (Default)
  • FTP Server
  • STMP Server

Installing IIS on Windows XP Pro, you may need to have your Windows XP install cd handy as it may require some files.

First go to your Control Panel click on Add or Remove Programs go to Add/Remove Windows Components.

Select Internet Information Services.

Next click on Details and install the information that you want.

Click ok and let it install. You now are on your way to having a website up and running.


If you miss mod_Rewrite from Apache you can purchase and install ISAPI Rewrite from