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Search Engine Optimization

Here are some of my tips to optimizing your website for search engines.

My Tips:

    1.Make use of the meta tags for description and keywords.   

          Examples are:

<meta name="Description" content=" - Your source of computer information.">
<meta name="Keywords" content="theprogrammer,windows, linux, unix, website, computers, visual basic">
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow">

    2. Use Google Sitemaps to better index your website. You can sign up for Google Sitemap account for free, and create sitemaps for all your websites.

    3. Avoid the use of variables in urls, or if you need them use either mod_rewrite for Apache or ISAPI_Rewrite for IIS.

    4. Use an external style sheet file for your styles, doing this will speed up the download of your website and help the search engines download and index the important information on your website.

    5. Avoid using flash only websites since search engines can not yet index flash files for their content.

    6. Make sure you get all your hits that you can. Implement 404 redirection either to your main page or a page of your site.  Also add wildcard dns to pickup any subdomain the user may enter.